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Termite Inspection Houston
is Free with Pestop Pest Control


Termite Inspection

Pestop Pest Control will provide you a Free Termite Inspection.


The first step in protecting your home is to schedule a termite inspection. Pestop Pest Control will inspect your home for free in and around the Houston area. Call today for your free Inspection

(713) 896-8850. We inspect for   formosan termites, subterraneans termites, drywood termites and will show you if you have any signs of termites after our free termite inspection. 


Termites and other WDIs (wood destroying insects) can cause significant structural damage to your house, and long-term damage can be costly to replace. Call Pestop today at (713) 896-8850 to schedule your free inspection or request online.


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Termite Inspections when Buying or Selling a Home

When buying or selling a home  in the Houston Area, Termite Inspections are a must. Especially when you can have a Free Termite Inspection. We also provide certified WDI inspections for real estate transactions for an additional fee.  

Termite Inspections when Buying or Selling a Home in Houston

The Houston Real Estate market is in high demand and both sellers and buyers have too much to risk to not schedule a termite inspection. If during the inspection we discover any access points for any pest, especially termites, we also provide exclusion services to seal up any holes that are allowing pest or termites to enter the home or property.


Pestop provides termite treatment and a guaranteed protection plan that includes annual inspections. Pestop will also allow home sellers to transfer the termite treatment plan to the new home buyers to continue the termite treatment guarantee.


Protect Your Property

Termite control is required to properly protect your property. You will need an inspection to determine if your property has been invaded by termites. Termite damage can be hidden for years, you need termite treatment before you have structural damage.

Termite colonies begin in the yard and you will often see termite damage in the trees before the having damage in the home. Termites will migrate to the home through openings in the concrete, brick and of course wood. Once in the home, if the termite treatment is not performed in time, you will eventually have structural damage.

Houston termite issues are well known as our climate and age of some neighborhoods create the perfect environment for termite colonies to form. Pestop offers a full range of pest control services and specializes in termite treatment with a guarantee and protection plan to protect your property. 

For additional Pest Control Service to protect your home and property, Visit Pestop online. 


Signs of Termite Damage

The two main types of termites that damage homes are subterranean and drywood termites. Subterranean termites live in the soil and tunnel to homes, while drywood termites actually burrow into the wood. Both can cause extensive damage. There are many signs of termites, here are some of the signs termites are present.

Mud tubes are created by subterranean termites out of soil and wood. These tubes are used as highways, connecting the termites' nest to their food source.

Termite Damage Houston

They protect the termites from predators to help to keep moisture in. Mud tubes are often found near a house's foundation. If you want to see if termites are still present, break off a small piece of the mud tube. If the tube is repaired in a few days, that means the termites are still using the tunnels.

Damaged wood may not be immediately apparent, but you can check for signs of damage by tapping on different areas of wood in your home. If drywood termites are present, the wood will sound hollow or dull. This is because drywood termites eat the wood from the inside out, leaving only the outer layer.

If subterranean termites are present, you may see signs of water damage, such as blisters in the flooring.

If you find frass (termite droppings) in your home, it may be because drywood termites are present. These droppings look like sawdust and can accumulate in mounds. Holes in drywood termite galleries or tunnels are used to push the frass out of the nest area.

In the spring, termites swarm to mate and create new colonies. However, they are more likely to see discarded wings near doors and windows that are closed.

Trusted WDI Inspections from the Professionals

Termite Inspections and WDI (Wood Destroying Insects) inspections for Houston, Tx and surrounding area has been provided by Pestop Pest Control for over 30 years. Termite inspections are free with the exception of WDI Certified and homes the require inspections performed in homes with access under homes in crawl spaces. We will provide a free quote for WDI and Crawl space inspections. 


Most homes need inspections today and Pestop is ready for the call to schedule your Free Termite Inspection today. With over 30 years of inspecting for and treating termites in the Houston and surrounding area, we are known for protecting Houston Real Estate. Don't leave your property to anyone but a professional for Inspection and Termite Treatment. Call Today (713) 896-8850.

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